Soft Craft Research is a leading boutique consultancy focused on meeting the needs of organisations to improve their effectiveness and productivity. We are eager to help select clients and partners by providing measurement and evaluation services (e.g. through surveys), and related consulting on how to leverage strengths or improve the identified problem areas. The areas we excel in include employee engagement, customer experience, performance measurement, and personal development solutions, amongst others.

Soft Craft Research and its sister organisation Soft Craft Systems have provided tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients since 1996.

We pride ourselves on our values and principle-driven approach to business.

We place a high value on excellence, loyalty, integrity and quality. As such we thrive on delivering only the best and hold each other accountable to delivering this. Because of this, our clients have entrusted us year after year with measuring their staff perceptions with reference to engagement, commitment, talent management, and organisational climate.


The services we offer are carefully designed to meet the needs of our core clients, and are aligned to our values (people, excellence, accountability, customer satisfaction, leadership and integrity).

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Our clients are what makes us! We thrive to please them and are contantly looking to improve our services so that we can build closer partnerships with them.

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If you would like us to contact you, please send us an email or contact us using our contact details.

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