The services we offer are carefully designed to meet the needs of our core clients, and are aligned to our values (People, Excellence, Accountability, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership and Integrity).


Our passion is to help our clients gain insight into the drivers of productivity through conducting high quality research projects. We lead our clients through the potential minefield inherent when undertaking such complex projects. We provide leadership from carefully crafting questionnaire instruments that ask the right questions, to conducting a well-orchestrated campaign to collect the opinions of the target audience. Leadership is all about influencing positive change - we help by presenting the results in insightful ways that support this change.


The results from the research help us to partner with our clients and to focus on solutions to the issues that have been clearly and reliably identified. Nothing excites us more than helping to leverage the commitment and engagement of staff, clients and other key stakeholders in our client's organisations.


Soft Craft Research is a leading boutique consultancy focused on meeting the needs of organisations to improve their effectiveness and productivity.

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Our clients are what makes us! We thrive to please them and are contantly looking to improve our services so that we can build closer partnerships with them.

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If you would like us to contact you, please send us an email or contact us using our contact details.

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